The Secret Rapture

The Pretribulation Rapture on the surface sounds like a wonderful part of Scripture, a promise that involves no bloodshed, no tribulation, no difficult times, or being persecuted and/or executed for one's true allegiance to Christ. However, it is not until one thoroughly studies Scripture, and then tests the very defenses & foundations that the pretrib rapture doctrine is so heavily reliant upon; that one can truly observe that it has no place in God's Word.

It is a very dangerous belief as it will eventually lead to an empty promise, an absence of Christ at the very dawn at the age of trouble, which will ultimately lead one to the feeling that they have been "rejected", or "left behind." It is a perfect strategy for Satan, and an incredibly smart one too, because it prepares a Christian for an unprecedented attack from the sides (i.e. doubt, fear, weariness, frustration) and from the front (i.e. feeling of being rejected, despised, cast aside by the Saviour.) The doctrine also lulls one into a false sense of security, making them think that a 2nd chance will be granted to all sinners 'left behind.' How ignorant & selfish of us as Christians to even take on board a philosophy that places the wicked in this current generation over those in past generations (i.e. Noah's Flood, Sodom & Gomorrah.) Make no mistake, the time to accept Christ is now! If the wicked were condemned & lost then, they WILL be condemned & lost in the future. There are NO 2nd chances. Nor will there be a

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