Beautiful Homeschool Mom

We wrote new words to the Considering Lily song, Beautiful You and performed it for the Above Rubies Southern California Family Camp, 2009.

Beautiful Homeschooling Mom

Adapted from Beautiful You by Considering Lily

(Serene Campbell and Pearl Barrett) from 1997

You may wear your hair in braids or tied up in a bun

You put baby in the ergo when you're ready for some fun

Stir-fry veggies from your garden getting redpalm on your hands

You name your children after prophets and the Bible lands

You're pregnant or adopting almost every other year

Your quiver's getting fuller every child is so dear

You may drive a massive van filled with booster seats

You travel to museums taking dried fruit for a treat

You may wear denim jumpers and all of your children match

And if your son should tear his jeans you'll mend it with a patch

You may own a goat for milking she's a worthy pet

You pay cash for everything--you don't believe in debt

Beautiful you, All of the time

Jesus in you makes you shine

Beautiful you, Wherever you go

He sees your heart, We see your glow

Beautiful you

Do you see the light in me? Do you see the joy upon my face?

I only want to be like Him I only want to hear somebody say...

Beautiful you...

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