'The First Thanksgiving' From The Skit Guys

'The First Thanksgiving' From The Skit Guys

In this silly Thanksgiving spoof, the Skit Guys show how to overcome the past and live a life of gratitude. A Positive Pilgrim and Turkey, the duo talk through the stumbling blocks that make us blind to the blessings in our lives.

“I know Thanksgiving isn’t the best time of the year for turkeys, but it’s not time to be cynical it’s time to stop and count your blessings!” shares Mr. Positive Pilgrim.

As Mr. Turkey lists out the fears and woes in his life, Mr. Pilgrim tries to encourage him. “This too shall pass.” But Mr. Turkey feels that his life circumstances are too horrible to overcome.

“You are the type of turkey that’s not gonna allow circumstances to dictate your joy. You are going to have a more thankful perspective!” The two continue to list out all of the things that Mr. Turkey could be thankful for, a place to live, a bed, or enough to eat.

“Let’s not focus on what we don’t have and focus on what God has already blessed us with!”

How many times do we allow ourselves to be caught up in the frustration of things we don’t have or can’t seem to make happen. Instead, maybe God has already blessed us with just enough (or even more!) and it’s time for us to sit and truly “count our blessings”. The Heavenly Father promised in His Word that He would provide for us. That doesn’t mean the shiniest car, biggest house, or largest bank account. Now, sometimes, God does give us more than we need and offers us above and beyond. It’s easy to be openly thankful for those things, but what about the small things? What about sunshine breaking through the rain? Or a roof over our heads, no matter how humble. What about the person who smiled at us in the check out line? We should be thanking God for those moments too! Let’s remember as we go about our day to praise God in the small things!

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