The Skit Guys Offer Powerful Message In 'Attention To Thankfulness'

The Skit Guys Offer Powerful Message In 'Attention To Thankfulness'

The Skit Guys return with another meaningful video, this one titled ‘Attention to Thankfulness.’ As a family sits at a dinner table together, not one is paying attention to the rest of the family around them. Instead their focus is set on their mobile phones – texting, playing games, and taking selfies.

That’s when Grandpa does something a little strange and he catches the family’s eye. As the rest of the family sat in their own digital worlds, Grandpa picked up the television remote and began swiping, tapping, and posing for selfies with the remote. When the family noticed his odd behavior, they looked on with worried looks. Once all eyes were on him, he shared an important message.

“I just want to take this opportunity to tell you how thankful I am for all of you. I’m thankful for this meal… I’m thankful for this family, watching you grow and follow your dreams. It’s an honor to pray for each of you when I go to bed every night.”

Grandpa’s example led the rest of the family to follow suit, sharing the things for which they were most thankful. How much we can all learn from this simple two minute skit. Perhaps we need to refocus our attention on those around us, to be present and in the moment. We should not only be thankful for one another and our blessings but let’s start SHARING with each other and encouraging others to put into words how they have been blessed!

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