Holy God, We Praise Thy Name (P&W Acoustic Arrangement)

Watch and learn how to play this traditional hymn in a contemporary praise and worship acoustic guitar style.

Words: Ignaz Fanz
Translation: Clarence Walworth
Melody: Grosser Gott
Arrangement: Bill Goyette

Holy God, we praise thy Name;
Lord of all, we bow before thee!
All on earth thy scepter claim,
all in heaven above adore thee;
infinite thy vast domain,
everlasting is thy reign.

Hark! the loud celestial hymn
angel choirs above are raising,
cherubim and seraphim,
in unceasing chorus praising;
fill the heavens with sweet accord:
Holy, holy, holy, Lord.

Holy Father, Holy Son,
Holy Spirit, Three we name thee;
while in essence only One,
undivided God we claim thee;
and adoring bend the knee,
while we own the mystery.

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