Connections Live June 2008

Connections Live was born from a true concern for people who are looking for fellowship and friendship; as well as a place where they can laugh, share in conversations and feel accepted without being judged. Among those who will be there to accept and welcome you to Connections Live are noted Metroplex pastors and ministers, along with Dallas and Ft. Worth�s finest and most successful professional men and women.rnrnThe atmosphere is warm and welcoming and walls come down quickly as each person is drawn into a gracious environment of acceptance. Connections Live wants to be there for you � to introduce you, your profession, and your ministry and hopefully connect you to others.rnrnThere are no special speakers � just you and the rest of us. We are the program. We meet on the second Thursday of each month, so write it down and call should you like and we�ll meet on the phone and be at the door when you arrive.rnrn Dress up � dress down � the main thing is just get there. rnrnWhile we are all different, actuated by different motives, sooner or later we all need a friend � and occasionally a very special friend. If that is a present need or desire in your life, Connections Live might just be your solution.rnrnSee you at our next meeting.rnrnJ.D. Hobbs

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