Christmas Medley Duet Performed On Bottles

Christmas Medley Duet Performed On Bottles

The talented duo of Kaboom Percussion performs an incredible Christmas medley on plastic bottles.

There’s no doubt that Christmas songs are one of the best parts of the holiday season. There’s something about hearing our favorite tunes on the radio or performed in church that truly makes us feel the Christmas spirit.

Whether it’s a beloved hymn or modern day classic, we all have a favorite song that we look forward to hearing each year. Today, the two talented members of Kaboom Percussion are putting their own unique spin on some of the most popular holiday songs.

Kaboom Percussion is comprised of Catherine Betts and Joshua Webster from Perth, Australia. For over 15 years, these two have been creating and performing special covers and original songs.

On their website, it boasts that “They have been playing as Kaboom since 2014, and have performed to more than 70,000 students across Australia and New Zealand. Their fun percussion videos have had more than 70 million views and their YouTube channel has more than 270,000 subscribers!”

Now, Kaboom Percussion is taking away all the traditional instruments and using plastic bottles to create an entirely new type of Christmas medley. Just watch as these two cover a vast array of classics such as ‘Carol Of The Bells,’ ‘Frosty The Snowman,’ and ‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.’

It’s obvious that these two have a special talent for music and melody and it’s so incredible to see them using their gifts to help spread some Christmas cheer!