'Oh My Soul' Travis Cottrell Live Performance

'Oh My Soul' Travis Cottrell Live Performance

Travis Cottrell sings a live performance of the song ‘Oh My Soul’ from his album Spirit Rise.

This new song is so energetic and upbeat, and the music just makes you want to get up and sing out praises to the Lord!

“Cause I’ve been set free
Running out of the grave
Set free all my sin washed away
Set free, breaking out of the chains
And I’m alive

Oh my soul lift up the name of
The One who saves
He reigns forever
Oh my soul lift up Your praise
I will rise and bless the Lord
Oh my soul, oh my soul
Oh my soul, oh my soul”

As the people join together on stage and sing ‘Oh My Soul,’ there is such a great energy that comes from their unison of voices. The joy that you can hear from the lyrics that they are singing is contagious!

“I will sing your goodness
I will sing your grace
I will love you all my days, all my days”

The writers of ‘Oh My Soul’ are Jeff Pardo, David Moffitt, Travis Cottrell. The scripture references that they used when writing this song were Psalm 103:1-5 and Psalm 34:1-3.

When interviewed about how the song came to be, Travis Cottrell shared what was the initial spark of inspiration.

“The driving force at the beginning of this song was tempo,” Travis shared. “We wanted to write a high energy song. Sometimes we gravitate to these really ‘feeling’ ballads and these big power songs, and we were just in a place that day where we wanted to write something that was just fast and up tempo. There’s just not very much of that anymore.”

‘Oh My Soul’ is indeed an energetic song of celebration and one that can be sung out by people who celebrate the goodness of God!

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