Jeanne Robertson Shares The 1 Reason Why Cab Drivers Don't Transport Pigs

Jeanne Robertson Shares The 1 Reason Why Cab Drivers Don't Transport Pigs

Clean comedian Jeanne Robertson is back and she is sharing another hilarious story about a driver and his unusual passenger.

For decades, Jeanne has shared so many funny stories about her life and the antics that she always manages to get into. Through the years, we’ve all come to love her goofy husband, Left Brain, and that unmistakable Southern drawl.

This funny lady always leaves us laughing and her recent encounter is no different. Jeanne’s comedy career takes her all over the nation on speaking engagements and performances.

This is Jeanne’s passion and she absolutely loves sharing her unique sense of humor with others. And these visits also provide her with some hilarious material for the stage.

Recently, Jeanne recalled one of these unforgettable moments at her Rocking Humor show. Every time Jeanne gets into a cab, she has three questions that she likes to ask the driver to make conversation. But during one ride, she received an answer that she never expected.

After asking the driver about the funniest thing he had seen during his driving career, the man recalled a very unusual passenger. It wasn’t a person, but an actual pig that needed a ride after the owner’s truck broke down.

As he tells this story, it keeps getting funnier and funnier and Jeanne recalls it all in perfect detail. I don’t know how she finds the silliest stories in everyday moments, but I’m so glad that we get to hear them all.

Who else was laughing at loud at this one?

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