#1 of the 40 Songs - I Cry For You Child

In January 2017, God told me to hold my son and that he'd give me a song to write. In February, the song flooded over me and a friend asked me to sing it at a Right to Life Banquet. So, I made this little video. The night I wrote this first song, I got the scripture and idea for the 2nd song. I didn't have a melody or finished lyrics for the second song until May 5, 2017. Once that song came, songs started flowing. By around the 7th song, God impressed upon me that I'd write 20 songs (which meant 21 to me). The day I finished the 21st song, I knew I was going to write 40 songs. God has been so good. On August 7, 2017, I finished the 40th song. Definitely has been a labor of love. I wrote about whatever he was putting on my heart. Sometimes he gave me words or scripture or a melody. At some points, I probably rushed the writing process, but I learned along the way. I didn't even try after the first few songs to make them better than what they were, because they started coming too fast. So, I wrote, sang it out, posted to facebook or YouTube and then moved on to the next song. On some of the songs, the melody changed right in the middle and I just went with it. I tried not to speak my understanding of the songs too much in some of the "commentaries" afterwards, so that they would just be what they are. I definitely did not set out to be a song writer, it just sort of happened. God is good. God is so good and merciful.

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