'Love Moved First' Casting Crowns Visual Album Part 6

'Love Moved First' Casting Crowns Visual Album Part 6

The sixth installment to the Casting Crowns visual album has landed with the emotional video for ‘Love Moved First.’

Casting Crowns is the first Christian artist or group to release a concept video for every single song on their album. Over a span of weeks, the band will release twelve tracks and each one will continue the story of a one family’s journey through life.
We will move between decades and generations to see God’s work on this family.

Before you watch part six, be sure to check out the fifth installment, ‘One More Song For You.’

“What kind of grace, relentless grace
Would chase this rebel down
Crawl into this prisoner's cage
Take my hand and pull me out
You knew I couldn't make the change
So You became the change in me
And now I live to tell the story
Of the God who rescues”

In part five, we watched this mother and son reconnect through the restoration of her plantation home. Today, we watch as this granddaughter bonds with the grandmother she hardly knew. Together, they learn from each other and truly create a special relationship.

“From the throne to the manger
From a manger to the grave
Your cross is the proof
Love made the first move
From a grave meant to keep You
To a stone rolled away
Your cross is the proof
Love made the first move”

These two are trusting in one another, just like we trust in God. That is exactly what the lyrics of ‘Love Moved First’ are all about. Because God loved us first, we are all saved. He made the first move and it changed our entire lives.

I’m definitely looking forward to this next piece in this visual album.