'One More Song for You' Casting Crowns Visual Album Part 5

'One More Song for You' Casting Crowns Visual Album Part 5

The fifth installment to the Casting Crowns visual album has premiered with the emotional video for ‘One More Song For You.’

Casting Crowns is the first Christian artist or group to release a concept video for every single song on their album. Over the weeks, the bank will release twelve tracks and each one will continue the story of a family’s journey through life. We will move between decades and generations to see God’s work in motion.

Before you watch part five, be sure to check out the fourth installment, ‘One Awkward Moment.’

“Maybe one more hand in the air saying, "You are holy"
One more shattered heart singing, "You are good"
Maybe one more voice crying out for mercy
One more hungry soul declaring, "You're enough"
As long as there's breath in me
Lord, there will always be
One more song for You
One more song for You”

In the previous video, we watched the touching reunion between an estranged mother and son. After the man reads a letter from his late father, he truly starts to cherish the time he has left with his mom.

Gradually, they are starting to reconnect as he helps her restore the plantation home. They both lean on God as they navigate this renewed relationship.

“With no one here but You to listen
My heat is bursting at the seams
Out of all the songs I've lifted
What I truly hope to see
Is one more broken life made whole”

The final scene in this installment brings everything full circle and I’m so excited for what next week’s video will bring.