Child Prodigy Pianist Anwen Performs On Little Big Shots

Child Prodigy Pianist Anwen Performs On Little Big Shots

Little Anwen is a child prodigy pianist and, today, she’s sharing her incredible talent on Little Big Shots.

This popular television program showcases children and their incredible talent. These skilled performers come from every corner of the world and it is truly amazing to see them shine.

Today, we’re meeting Anwen and her talent is awe-inspiring. Anwen was just six years old when she was accepted into Julliard, a prestigious performing arts school in New York.

She was the youngest person to ever be admitted and that is a testament to her skill and talent. As Anwen plays on stage, the audience looks on in amazement.

I know that it takes so much time and practice in order to perfect these numbers but Anwen shows no signs of difficulty. Note after note, she continues to flawlessly hit the keys on the piano.

It always amazes me to see children stepping up to an instrument and performing just like an adult, or even better. When we see kids, we don’t expect them to be at the same level as an older performer. But sometimes, a child with a rare gift emerges and completely blows everyone away.

That’s exactly what is happening with Anwen on Little Big Shots. Her talents have surpassed those around her and she’s even outperforming other experts in the field.

If she’s already this good right now, I cannot imagine what she will sound like in the future. Anwen certainly won over our hearts and I hope we continue to hear more from this talented and adorable pianist.