Little Boy Breaks Down In Tears After His Brother’s Surprising Act Of Love

Little Boy Breaks Down In Tears After His Brother’s Surprising Act Of Love

One young man had his younger brother in tears after an unexpected act of kindness and love involving his birthday cake.

Siblings, especially as children, do not always get along. Everyone has their thoughts, ideas and opinions. These differences can often lead to heated arguments, extended periods of silence and avoidance and even physical altercations. Adults are generally better at handling their differences and disagreements. However, disputes between children can get very emotional very fast.

But as one video shows, one display of emotion was not the result of a fight or a spat but instead because of a birthday cake. The clip posted on YouTube shows two young men standing near a cake. The older of the two children has a knife, obviously seconds away from slicing into the desert.

Moments after the short, 1-minute and 30-second begins, text appears to set up the scenario and what viewers are witnessing.

“Brazilian tradition says the first slice of your birthday cake goes to the person you love the most,” the text reads.

The young man after cutting into the cake attempts to pick up the piece, but it falls, landing on an undisturbed part of the sweet treat. Once that runaway piece of cake finds its way to a plate, then it’s anybody’s guess about who will receive the first piece.

The older brother sets the piece of cake down in front of the young man, exclaiming, “Antonio,” as he does.

Immediately after the older brother announces that his younger sibling gets the first piece, the tears begin flowing. The younger brother, Antonio, cannot contain the emotion. He is overcome with joy, happiness and probably a little surprise that his older brother, someone he looks up to, would select him.

The younger brother turns to his older brother, and they share a warm, loving embrace. 

What a sweet and simple act that meant so much to the little guy. 

Hebrews 13:1 “Go on loving your brothers in the faith.”

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