3 Women Sing Bluegrass Medley Of Classic Hits

3 Women Sing Bluegrass Medley Of Classic Hits

The talented trio of I’m With Her perform a bluegrass medley of classic hits on Live From Here.

These three singer-songwriters have been touring the world for years, sharing their unique sound and performance. Their website describes the group performing saying, “Since forming in 2014, Sara Watkins, Sarah Jarosz, and Aoife O’Donovan have imbued their songs with a sharply detailed lyricism, graceful musicianship, and—perhaps most powerfully—mesmerizing harmonies that endlessly reflect their extraordinary chemistry.”

Today, I’m With Her is at Live From Here for an incredible performance the bluegrass hits ‘Toy Heart,’ ‘Marry Me,’ and ‘Don’t You Hear Jerusalem Moan?’ The women start off singing completely a cappella and the sound flows all through the theater.

“You played with my poor heart like a toy
That toy broke and then we had to part
It never can be mended
I hope this romance's ended
Darling, you toyed with a toy heart”

After the first verse, I’m With Her pick up their instruments and start to play along. These bluegrass songs are a favorite by many and it’s so incredible to hear them played in such a unique way. By the time the women reach the final song in their mashup, the crowd was already totally invested.

“Don't you hear Jerusalem moan?
Don't you hear Jerusalem moan?
Thank God there's a heaven and a ringing in my soul and my soul's got free
Don't you hear Jerusalem moan?”

I easily could’ve listened to 5 more songs from this talented trio. Who else is hoping to hear more from I’m With Her in the future?