Talented Dog And Trainer Perform 'Footloose' Routine On AGT

Talented Dog And Trainer Perform 'Footloose' Routine On AGT

Lukas and his dog Falco stun the audience with their impressive ‘Footloose’ routine on America’s Got Talent.

As a kid, Lukas never dreamed he’d be working and training a dog. “When I was a child, I was afraid of dogs. They terrified me and I know never ever will I accept a dog into our family. When I was fourteen, my worst nightmare became a reality. My family told me that we would get a dog.”

His parents brought home Falco as a puppy and Lukas couldn’t resist this adorable little guy. “At first, I didn’t want to be his friend. But eventually, I just looked at his eyes and he was the first dog that won me over.”

From that point on, the duo were inseparable. Lukas and Falco trained every single day and learned all kinds of tricks and skills.

For the past nine years, these two have competed all over the world and now they are auditioning for America’s Got Talent. 22-year-old Lukas may be young, but he knows that the rigors of competing are growing tiresome for Falco as he ages.

After AGT, Falco will be retiring. But Lukas is determined to go out with a bang. Just watch as this duo performs an intricate agility routine set to the tune of ‘Footloose.’

At the beginning, Falco even dons a cowboy hat. After the performance, all of the judges were in awe of the talent and skill displayed. Simon Cowell is open about his love for dogs and their trainers.

He said, “He has amazing personality, but also importantly, so do you.” Howie Mandel described the routine as “Boot-scootin’-doggie.” The pair easily earned four ‘yes’ votes and they will continue on in the competition.

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