Wife Pulls Off Ultimate Prank On Husband With Piles Of Empty Delivery Boxes

Wife Pulls Off Ultimate Prank On Husband With Piles Of Empty Delivery Boxes

This comedic wife pulls off the ultimate prank on her husband with nothing more than piles of empty delivery boxes. The prank is both witty and clever. Here’s why.

Melissa Beeler shared the funny prank on social media that she pulled her significant other. This likely won’t be the last of her shenanigans.

Her post caption read, “I just pulled the best prank on my husband!! He told me to stop online shopping, so I saved all these boxes.”

Her plot took over a month to figure out, plus, she had to save all those boxes. Her daughter's birthday was a couple of weeks just before the prank, which gave her ample opportunity to procure the right amount of boxes. And just the right amount means enough to cause anyone serious concern. Needless to say, her husband was quite concerned.

The video is quite hilarious.

Her husband Ryan came home and witnessed a ton of boxes sitting by the front door. There were so many boxes they would have to be moved in order to get inside. Naturally, as any dutiful husband would, he questioned his wife out of concern.

“Yeah. The baby needed some things,” she said without cracking into laughter.

“Some things?” he retorted seriously. His face is angrily red, but Melissa didn’t laugh. Not yet.

Adding to the humor, a UPS delivery guy showed up with a couple more boxes. This was unplanned but quite a happy accident.

Melissa said, “I almost peed myself when the UPS guy randomly showed up at the perfect time.”

Apparently, pranks are a common theme in Melissa and Ryan’s relationship with him usually being the prankster. She recounted one such occurrence which happened in public at an airport.

“I was flying home. As soon as I got out to go to the baggage claim, I walk out and our two-and-half-year old daughter is holding a sign that says ‘welcome home from prison Mom.’”

Her daughter was laughing and we can rest assured Ryan was too. This box incident can definitely be viewed as payback by Melissa. What comes next for this pranking couple? Time will tell. Whatever the case, the prank war is certainly not over.

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