10-Year-Old Boy Gives Simon Goosebumps With 'All By Myself' Audition

10-Year-Old Boy Gives Simon Goosebumps With 'All By Myself' Audition

This adorable 10-year-old boy gives Simon goosebumps with his ‘All By Myself’ audition.

Incredibly talented kids seem to keep getting younger and younger! Peter Rosalita from the Philippines sings like a famous pop star. Even judge Heidi Klum said, “Mariah [Carey] better watch out!”

When he first came on the stage, he told the judges he was very nervous. When asked what he would do with the million-dollar prize if he won, he said he would buy a Nintendo Switch. What a classic kid answer -- a video game! He also mentioned that he’d buy a laptop for his online school. So at least it’s not all games!

Peter looks so cute and professional in his all-white suit to sing a song from 1975! He’s like a little adult at 10! I love him!

The judges told him they were rooting for him having no idea if he’d actually bring some talent to the stage. Despite his shaky opening, Peter blew everyone’s minds when he belted the chorus.

All by myself
Don't want to be all by myself anymore
All by myself
Don't want to live all by myself anymore

Eric Carmen originally recorded the classic song, ‘All By Myself’ in the ‘70s, but a handful of singers have recorded covers since. Celine Dion’s version comes to mind when I think of someone singing the tune.

I can’t imagine anyone not recognizing the chorus of this song, no matter their age. But I still can’t believe little Peter chose this as his audition!

The judges were clearly amazed and fell in love with him. Howie Mandel said, “You’re so cute!” And Peter responded, “Everyone says that I’m cute!” That little sass that he probably doesn’t intend to be sass just makes him even cuter. I can’t handle him!

As we know, Simon can be quite a nightmare when judging people’s acts -- even children. When it came to him for comments, he said, “That was an incredible audition. There were parts in the song that literally gave me goosebumps.”

It’s not every day that the Simon Cowell gets goosebumps, and 10-year-old Peter managed to blow Simon’s socks off. Obviously, Peter got a yes from all four judges. We are rooting for you, Peter!

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