Rescued Elephant Falls Asleep When It Hears This Sweet Lullaby

Rescued Elephant Falls Asleep When It Hears This Sweet Lullaby

At Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, rescued elephant, Faa Mai loves to hear a good lullaby. This large adult elephant still loves to be lulled to sleep by her keeper, Sangduen “Lek” Chailert.

As Lek begins to sing this Thai lullaby, Faa Mai is instantly moved and knows that it’s nap time! Using her large trunk, Faa Mai wraps around Lek’s head and pulls her human towards her for a snuggle. It’s clear that Faa Mai is no stranger to this routine. Keeping Lek close to her body, Faa Mai begins to circle and find the perfect spot for a rest.

Lek runs the “Save The Elephant Foundation” and is an award winning animal conservationist. Her passion for the elephants has been featured on television documentaries. The youngest elephants in her care are used to Lek and the other caregivers taking naps with them and bonding during their sleeping times. Not unlike human babies who rest peacefully when they are being held. Faa Mai certainly has learned that a nap with Lek is a special treat!

Faa Mai is gently swatted by a cloth as she lies down to prepare for a snooze. Lek continues to sing a lullaby as Faa Mai begins to breathe deeply and curl her trunk for nap time. We love seeing the other younger elephants gathering around Lek and Faa Mai hoping for a little love as well! What an amazing experience to see one of God’s noble creatures so comforted by a loving human and fully trusting one another as they rest in the moment.

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