Switchfoot Returns From Hiatus With Song Release 'Native Tongue'

After a brief hiatus, Switchfoot has returned with a new album being released in January 2019 titled“Native Tongue”. The official music video for the title song of the same name shows a slightly different side to the band’s musiciality. Quite a difference from their popular “Dare You To Move” which was a softer, vocal heavy sound. Always known for exploring different musical stylings, the new song Native Tongue doesn’t disappoint.

With a catchy, rock beat, Native Tongue reminds us all that we should love each other and respect that while we are all uniquely made, we have one common language - love. This is a message for all walks of life, Christian or secular to connect and value.

“These are polarizing times, where the loudest voice is often the voice of anger or fear. This album is an attempt to sing that hope into life. To bring a group of diverse songs under one common banner. Hatred is not your native language. Love is your Native Tongue,” expressed Jon Foreman.

“Back before we learned the words to start a fight
Back before they told us that the haters were right
He spoke the truth, "let there be" and there was
Love is the language, love is your native tongue”

The video has an edgy vibe with a black and white filming and quick cuts from scene to scene. The chorus picks up with more bass and percussion. It’s easy to find our toe tapping along and it definitely got stuck in our head for the rest of the day!

“My heart is a beating drum
My head in oblivion
My soul, such a long way from
My lips, my lungs, my native tongue”

The band will be going on tour from February 14- April 13 to promote the new album. We’re hopeful that the other songs on this album will be just as infectious!
Source: Switchfoot

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