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Switchfoot Band


'Voices' Christian Band Switchfoot And Lindsey Stirling - Christian Music Videos

Talented violinist Lindsey Stirling joins with Christian band Switchfoot for a powerful rendition of ‘Voices.’ With a backdrop of real comments that these figures have received on social media, the words truly take on a deeper meaning. “And I used to listen to the radio But I've got an army of voices in my head Voices in my head And we used to live in stereo But I've got an army of voices in my head Voices in my head” Jon Foreman described the inspiration for ‘Voices’ to FreeCCM. “I feel like as a kid there was already so much happening and the goal was to find clarity. And clarity is not found in these loud experiences, clarity is not found in the crowd. Clarity for me is found in the still small voice. The whisper rather than the scream.” The original rendition is featured on Switchfoot’s latest album, Native Tongue. But, they joined with ultra-talented Lindsey Stirling for a very special track. Lindsey is noted for her unique violin performances that incorporate dance with the musical instrument. Today, they are giving new life to these words and showcasing the power that comes from our voices. “Every moment crowded with choices Speak to me and drown out the voices” These lyrics serve as a reminder that when we let the voices of the outside world in, they can nearly drag us down. But when we put our hope and trust in the Lord, He will give us the strength to overcome and drown out the noise.