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When You Want Chick-Fil-A On Sunday

When You Want Chick-Fil-A On Sunday

We all know the struggle of waking up on a Sunday and craving Chick-Fil-A. For some reason, the one day this delicious fast-food chain is closed is always the time that we want it the most.

I knew I wasn't alone in my cravings and now the hilarious people at It's A Southern Thing have come up with the perfect solution. Whenever the hankering for Chick-Fil-A hits you and you can't have it, just pop on a Chick-O-Derm patch. This handy little patch will give you up to 24 hour relief of all your cravings. And can you believe that it's even compatible with sauces? I doubled over in laughter right now.

These funny Southern folks definitely understand the chicken sandwich struggle. Some Sundays, I sure do wish this patch was for real. Who else is with me?

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