Otter And Puppy Become Best Friends

Otter And Puppy Become Best Friends

There's nothing cuter than watching two animals from different species become the best of friends. And that's exactly what happened with these two furry creatures.

Just watch as this sweet puppy discovers an otter on his walk with his human. The otter immediately rolls right on over to play with his new friend. You can tell this puppy is so excited to meet a new friend and they start to play and adorable game of chasing each other.

It looks like they are having the best time together and it makes me want to go snuggle the both of them. Don't you just love watching God's amazing creatures interact? I could watch wonders like this all day long.

So this happened last night when jo and I were walking our new puppy. I think the puppy has a new friend.

Posted by David Putnam on Sunday, August 13, 2017

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