Music Campaign Project One a Dream come true

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My name is Felix Jason. I was born in Manchester having african and european influences united in me.
Currently im living in Germany in a city known as Stuttgart.

My Campaign is about the realisation of a music project to release 4 Albums and 2 books. It will also serve as a Plattform to cater and equip schools,to facilitate education for the less priviledged, supporting the widows, the orphans and the poor alike.

To enable assist where the needs are, to help children learn an instrument and providing equipments for them.

I would like to make mention of,that this is not just a project of one single Album,or one Book, but 4 LPs and 2 Books,so the effort put in exceeds that of a single Project and is more time consuming. But exactly this is its intention to do a multiple project at the same time.

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