Humanity faces final century on Earth; Israel holds surprise drills (SCWU #340)

Humanity faces final century on Earth; Israel holds surprise drills (SCWU #340)

Date: May 2, 2013

By: Daniel Whyte III

Description: 1. According to MSN News, as one renowned physicist urges us all to go into space to save ourselves, others are actually agreeing that humans may become extinct stating that this could be humanity's final century on Earth. A team of deep-reaching philosophers, scientists and mathematicians at Oxford University's Institute for the Future of Humanity, are finding more and more evidence for this conclusion. In a forthcoming paper titled "Existential Risk as Global Priority," institute director Nick Bostrom and his mission crew explore today's risk of premature human extinction. Synthetic biology, nanotechnology and machine intelligence are areas that have contributed greatly to our quality of life, but also greatly threaten our future life. We face nuclear destruction and, as we've been hearing for years, environmental Armageddon.

2. According to the Jerusalem Post, in the shadow of ongoing tensions along the border, the Israeli Defense Forces launched a large-scale surprise drill, calling up 2,000 reservists to the North as a test of its ability to quickly engage Hezbollah in Lebanon. The drill, which will last until Thursday and will involve live-fire exercises, is aimed at assessing the army's readiness and operational flexibility. It is the first exercise held on this large of a scale for several years, and comes amid tensions with Hezbollah and ongoing instability in neighboring Syria.