The Inspiration for Life Changes

The Inspiration for Life Changes

It is Chris Wree's journey with cancer that has Inspired the creation of a National Resource Center.

LCCRC directly deals with the financial cost, the emotions, the trauma, and the challenges families face when dealing with cancer. Our organization will "connect the dots and fill in the blanks" as we work as a Patient Advocate and/or Case Manager.

LCCRC is a 501 (c) (3) organization and is currently being restructured.

The pre-requisite for our direct services is Cancer. Our "Clients" are those we take in who are diagnosed with cancer and who are in treatment. Our goal is to work with Doctors, Hospitals, and Medical Facilities to provide the "Best" services for Cancer Patients.

Life Changes "Cancer" Resource Center addresses the WHOLE PICTURE when illness confronts an Individual and Family.