A bmx Baptism!

Hello to everybody, may this video description find you all very well! 
Although, unique in the way that this particular video has been done and presented. 
In no way, shape, or form, is this video intended to mock... Or... Make fun of genuine baptism in any way what so ever!
For genuine baptism is very sacred and binding between an individual and...
God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit. Please check the gospel of Matthew ch 28 v 19 and 20 for that reference.
It instead aims to tell a short story with a very real message about a committing relationship with Jesus Christ, rather then just being dunked under water.
So may the message encourage all viewers with this particular truth being kept in mind.
This video is no way known meant to encourage anyone big or small male or female, to copy OR try this dangerous bmx stunt! 
For this was done and set up with great CARE and CAUTION!
Instead (as stated above) it is meant to encourage all viewers, to see the very real message of committing to Jesus Christ.
It is also designed to encourage those who have ever thought of being genuinely baptised Or wanting to ever be genuinely re-baptised, to do so, keeping in mind that the relationship to Jesus Christ is the main key.
Thank you all for watching...

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