Gathering the Evidence

Gathering the Evidence

Evidence is needed in court of law to exonerate or convict

Sanhedrin - court of Jesus' day; responsibility to find the Messiah; would question and look for the Messiah;

Sadducees - more "educated"; based belief on first five books of Bible; Torah

Pharisees - identified with the majority of the Jews

High Priest - determine who had transgressed the law

Christ Jesus was crucified and resurrected
- Jesus did not shy away from confrontation; he did not back away from controversy
○ Stop trying to "tip-toe" around the issues of the day; Jesus called people out: Herod -"old fox"; woman at the well - "multiple husbands"
- Jesus came to bring sword, division not peace
○ Because he spoke the truth that would put father against son, mother against daughter
- Mt 21 - parable of householder that planted a vineyard and the husbandmen killed the servants, the son,
○ Visit judgment on the husbandmen for the wrong that was done
- Sinful Pastors & Leaders = Sadducees & Pharisees
○ We know of leaders but don't speak up about, doing drugs, infidelity, fornicating,
○ Doctor can't diagnose your problem if you don't expose your problems
-Confess faults to each other to be healed
-Stop wearing the masks of your unrighteousness
- Salvation - God having his best for you when you do his will
○ Living in sin is not doing your best; God has better for you
- Jesus who he was based on being in heaven with His Father
○ We have to get in God's will before we can return to heaven

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