Child Sponsorship - Gospel for Asia

"Hope for the Least of These" - a video of Gospel for Asia. You can sponsor a child for $28 dollars a month. It will provide food, clothing, medical checkups, an opportunity to go to school and learn Enlgish, but most importantly they go to an afterschool program to learn the Bible and the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Most, but not all of these children are Dalits, also known as Untouchables. They are the lowest caste in India. Many of these children would not have much hope for the future. Teaching these loved ones about Jesus Christ and allowing them to learn English turns their situation of hopelessness to victory! Run by the native missionaries of Gospel for Asia, these Bridge of Hope centers allow for doors to be opened in the community. Dozens of churches have been planted as a result of these child sponsorships already!! (child sponsorship child sponsorship child sponsorship child sponsorship child sponsorship adopt child adopt child adopt child) WWW.GFA.ORG

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