Teen Raises Baby Found In A Bag And Ignores All The Gossip For Sweet Reason

Teen Raises Baby Found In A Bag And Ignores All The Gossip For Sweet Reason

Jane didn't have any friends, and everyone gossiped behind her back about how she became a mom. But that's because they don't know the real story. This amazing video titled 'My Beautiful Woman' had me in tears, but it's the fact that it is based on a true story that truly took my breath away. You cannot miss this one!

The video starts off with Jane running to go meet her daughter, June, at her school.

Then there are different scenes throughout the video that show Jane and June’s sweet relationship.

“She is drawing a mother and daughter, you and her,” says June’s drawing teacher and Jane’s friend.

Then you see cute scenes of June and Jane getting ready for the day together and settling down at night with one another. What a precious mother-daughter bond the two of them share.

Later, Jane’s friend and June’s drawing teacher asks Jane a question. “Jane, why don’t you tell the truth to everyone?” he says. “What’s the truth?” she replies.

“The truth about June,” he says. “Don’t you know what they’re talking behind you?”

“That is not necessary. I’d rather let them talk about me than talk about June,” shares Jane.

That’s when you see a flashback of Jane finding baby June in a bag next to a trash can years ago. Jane starts to cry and her heart breaks at the sad sight. She picks up the baby, checks her to make sure she is alright, and knows right then and there that she is going to take her home and take care of her like she is her own. What a heartwarming moment!

At the end of the video, June says ‘I love you, mom’ to Jane, and happy tears well up in her eyes. What an incredible story about the power of love!

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