Breaking Prophecy News; The Certainty of Christ's Second Coming, Part 10 (The Prophet Daniel's Report #359)

PROPHECY HEADLINES: Ukraine vows it won't give up 'an inch' of land to Russia; 6.9 quake rattles N. California; China says it will not compromise with Japan on territory

PROPHECY BOOTCAMP: The Certainty of Christ's Second Coming, Part 10, from Dr. Tim LaHaye

While there are many disagreements among Christians about the time of our Lord's coming, there is little disagreement over the fact that He will return. We have seen several of His specific promises to return again and take us to be with Himself, and because the Bible says His word cannot fail, we know it will happen. In addition, the angels promised Jesus would return, as did the disciples (many times).

The apostle Paul is a good example: As already pointed out, he spoke of the communion ordinance only twice in his 13 epistles and baptism only 13 times, but he mentioned the return of our Lord 50 times! It is one of the most frequently mentioned subjects in Scripture, and a doctrinal necessity, for most Bible doctrines are so dependent upon it that they would not make much sense without it. It is the cornerstone of Prophecy and, next to salvation, the most important doctrine in the Bible. Christ's second coming is the next major event of prophecy; as such, it is worthy of our detailed study.

The second coming is so much a part of Christianity that even unsaved people with only a limited knowledge of Scripture believe He will return to this earth....

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