10 Great Games for A Family Reunion

There are few joys in the world that are equal to that of being a family. In our culture, where families tend to get spread out over great distances, family reunions have become a time of reconnecting and catching up. Since the importance of family cannot be overemphasized why not make the reunion a great time of fun with games like these…

 10. Scavenger Hunts

There are two great ways to do this for a reunion. The first would be a physical scavenger hunt where candy and prizes can be hidden, this works great for the kiddos. Then there can be question hunts where everyone is given a list of questions, personal attributes and so on that they have to find the member of the family who meets the bill or can answer the question. For the tech savvy family try a geo-caching contest.

9. Piñata

It does not matter the cultural background of the family as few things bring as much laughter as watching a blindfolded person try to whack a figure stuffed with candy with a stick. The best thing is to spin Uncle Carl around a few extra times before he gives it a whack and then move it all together so he has no chance.

8. Egg/Water Balloon Toss

Partner up and get some raw eggs (or water balloons) and see who can go the farthest as the fragile items are tossed back and forth without being broken. The family can make this more interesting by teaming up in “clans”, family units with the family whole, and competing that way.

7. Watermelon (Pie) (Whatever) Eating Contest

Don’t let grandma fool you she can pack away the melons and so can everyone else in this time honored game that works especially well if your reunion in a picnic.

6. Tag

Another fun game especially at picnics and with so many variations (i.e. Freeze Tag, Cartoon Tag etc…) this is a wonderful way to keep the kids entertained and to get some of the energy out after eating all that watermelon.

"The Truth" Jeremiah 17:9-10 The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it? “I the Lord search the heart and test the mind, to give every man according to his ways, according to the fruit of his deeds.”

5. Chicken Dance or Hokie Pokie Contest

If music is available at your reunion nothing will bring a bigger laugh then getting people up for some sort of dance contest. I once was the DJ at a Father/Daughter dance and I made all the dads get up and do both the above mentioned dances using the Chicken Dance as a contest. It made for a lot of fun and a riot to watch and participate in.

4. Three-Legged or Potato Sack Race

How about the good old fashioned race to the finish line. You can make the three-legged race all the more interesting if you make it a rule that the partners have to be different heights. This is another one that goes especially well at a picnic.

12343. Hide and Seek

Another one that is especially great for the kids is the classic of hide and seek. This works whether the reunion is inside or out and allows for more expending of energy and keeps the kids and adults happy alike.

2. Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Because one blindfold game is never enough. It may seem like a kid’s game but we all know that mom and dad want to pin that tale on the donkey as much as any of the kids do.

1. Sports

Pick a sport any sport. Is your family a football family how about some two hand touch? Is baseball your game, why not play some ten person softball? Maybe your family is the volleyball type, then get to setting and spiking. Don’t like those kinds of games then get out the bocce ball set, the horseshoes, the lawn darts or the ball, mallet and gates for a game of croquet.

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Whatever your family’s game or sport might be, some friendly family competition is sure to liven up your family reunion. What better way is there to add to the reconnecting with family members than to laugh and play together as you gather to be what God intended, a family!

Resources- ESV Holy Bible, photo credit: flattop341 via photopin cc, photo credit: Lars Plougmann via photopin cc