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What do you value most about your relationship with Jesus?

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Funny, Cute, & Hilarious Baby!! Taking Josh's Food and Getting Reaction

Little baby/kid named Josh is alone so I decide to capture me his reaction to me doing things to him.

At first he thinks he's making me laugh, but I'm faking it to make him feel better about himself.

This cute baby hates it when I leave him alone, so guess what I do, I tell him I'm leaving (bye bye).

Josh also hates it when I take his food. It's hilarious seeing him scream for his pasta.

Josh is such a great kid, well on camera he is. That's why I nickname him Joss the Boss!! Even though he completely ignored me when I asked if we were friends, sheesh what a baby!!

And yes, for some reason he is holding a freaking APPLE in his hand. I don't know, babies are just so random these days!!!!

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