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Oh, The Love of Jesus

This video is a simple tribute to a man who has been the strongest influence in my life; my father, Ray Ludwig.

My new CD, "Fleet of Dreams" is something that Daddy has helped me to speak into existence throughout the course of my lifetime. He composed the song, "Oh, The Love of Jesus," when I was a little girl. My sister, Carol, sang it as a teenager when she traveled with him in ministry. My close friend, Cathy, sang it in several of Daddy's meetings when we were young adults. This recording is the first time that I've ever sung the song. I'm so happy that I got to sing it with my sister, Brenda, and my brother-in-law, Dennis. We took the hand-written piano score that he penned in the early 1970s and sang it a-cappella. I absolutely love the intro! The video is a montage of photos taken throughout his six-plus decades of ministry. It's just a quick glimpse at a much larger picture. I wish there were room for more!

I love you, Daddy. Thank you for all that you've taught me, entrusted to me, and believed for on my behalf.

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