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Actions Speak
What do your actions reveal about your character?

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Spriritual Wealth - Christian Spoken Word Poetry - M.Villagran Jr. aka C.J (ChristWiseJreamer)

Are You Broke?.... GOD Wealth?...

Well Listen To "Spiritual Wealth"
This is a prophetic poem God gave me back in 2007 that has brought me into the service and ministry of Jesus Christ!

I relized years later that it mainly has alot to do with Matthew 16:26 but also other biblical principals for living!

I would Appreciate Any & All Feedback on what this Poem spoke to You you after Listening!
Pray that you recieve a word from God and Get Back to Me!God Bless You!
I hope you will be blessed by whatever the lord speaks to your heart regarding this word! May God Truly Richly Bless all those who hear this Spoken Word Poem!