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God's Masterpiece
What does it mean for God’s people to be a masterpiece?

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Left Behind movie trailer

<br />
Compelling,engaging<br />
-CNN<br />
<br />
&acirc;��Bravo! The best movie in the Apocalyptic genre!&acirc;��<br />
-Ted Baehr (Movie Guide)<br />
<br />
&acirc;��Left Behind has everything you want to see in a big action film.&acirc;��<br />
-L.A. Film Magazine<br />
<br />
&acirc;��Hauntingly powerful&acirc;��<br />
- Gorman Woodfin, CBN TV<br />
blocks_image<br />
blocks_image<br />
In one chaotic moment, millions of people around the world suddenly disappear leaving their clothes, wedding rings, eye glasses and shoes in crumpled piles. Mass confusion hits while vehicles suddenly unmanned veer out of control, fires erupt and hysteria breaks out as the living stare in disbelief and fear at the empty places where their loved ones were just seconds before. This is the rapture that God has planned as the first sign to begin the unraveling of the end of time.<br />
<br />
Enter airline pilot Rayford Steele (Brad Johnson), a tall, ruggedly strong and good-looking man in his early 40s. His flying career has kept him away from his family (wife and two children) causing a strain in his marital relationship which consequently pushes his wife Irene into devoting herself to her church and religious beliefs. Rayford begins to desire one of his attractive and intelligent flight attendants (Hattie) and is about to take it one step forward when, in the middle of one of his flights to London, England, the rapture occurs.<br />
<br />
Cameron 'Buck' Williams (Kirk Cameron), a young, good-looking and ambitious television

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