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Making Plans
What plans are you working on today?

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A Glimpse at Lives Transformed

This video, shot and edited by the guys who live with us here at the GAP house transition center, is at the very least, a glimpse of what transformed lives can look like. The song and original video were done a couple years ago for an organization in Moscow, also focused on orphan ministry. The original version featured collaboration in the studio by several of Russia's top pop artists, interspersed with footage from an orphanage in that region. Here, our guys have created a studio motif in the 3rd floor club room, and lip-synced their own version of the studio session, interspersed with footage of themselves that I had shot over the years, some of the clips dating as far back as ten years ago. When I watch this video, I can't help but wonder, "Where would they be now, if some people had not cared enough to send us here to walk along side them for awhile?" I've posted a rough English translation of the song lyrics on our website,, where you'll also find much more info on GAP. You can find the lyrics linked to the "Video Playlist" page.