The Importants of P.F,S & M

Praying,Fasting,Studying & Meditation (On this particular Sunday I found myself struggling with a Spirit of Bondage Called Worry. it made it very hard to Preach,Teach or even focus. although I had back up notes to preach, many time we fell to realize the attacks that we go THROUGH is Not Physical or natural, but mental(the battle of the mind is really the Battle for your soul thats why the enemy attacks our mind) ,spiritual ( sad how we human try to fight spirts and ghost & unseen thing in the natural or expect natural results) this War we're in is not of this world or in the natural, they're litterally Attacks upon the mind, which causes man to self destruct and commit spirtual and mental/soulish Suicide. we must learn the Power Of Fasting Praying and studing. and in YOUR""" Studying reading and meditation/meditating time we must learn how, to applie what we learned,read and studied {{{ Prov. 4;7 in All thou getting get a understanding}}}

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