Husband And Wife Sing Lauren Daigle's 'Hold On To Me' Duet

Husband And Wife Sing Lauren Daigle's 'Hold On To Me' Duet

Listen to this husband and wife sing Lauren Daigle’s ‘Hold On to Me’ duet. It will warm your heart and make your day.

Caleb and Kelsey Grimm started with music careers separate from each other. It wasn’t until they started uploading videos to Youtube together for fun when they created their official duo, Caleb & Kelsey, in 2014.

I bet they break out into song all the time at home while cooking or doing laundry and such! It’s so special to be able to share something like this with your significant other.

Their first videos were mainly popular pop songs. They eventually started covering worship songs and became popular in the Christian music fanbase. Both pop songs and Christian pop songs have been professionally recorded and released on different albums.

After auditioning multiple times for American Idol and pursuing a music career in other ways, Lauren Daigle was signed to a label and released her first album in 2015. Who hasn’t heard one of her most popular songs, ‘You Say.’

Lauren dabbles in both the Christian genre and pop genre. ‘Hold On to Me’ talks about feeling hopeless and not believing in yourself but having God hold you up.

When I start to break in desperation
Underneath the weight of expectation
Hold on to me

I bet Caleb & Kelsey are singing it to both God and each other.

The video shows a simple setup of the couple singing side by side in a recording studio. You can feel how they can actually relate to the lyrics. Every now and then, Caleb will look at Kelsey or vice versa. That way, you know they’re also calling out to each other too.

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