Will You Be The One?

Will You Be The One?

My three year association with Believers Church of Statesboro has brought practical growth to my Christian walk, especially due to Brother Mike, one of the associate pastors.

Brother Mike has a unique way of presenting the Gospel to people who don't really consider going to church.

1. I have had the privilege of going to a laundromat on a Friday evening to feed quarters into washers and dryers "with no strings attached" to tell people, "Jesus paid the price so our lives can be clean!"

2. I participated on various Saturday mornings to wash people's cars for FREE just for the privilege of saying, "Salvation is FREE! No,...Really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

3. I went to a housing project on a Saturday morning to play with the kids, help with "a good old cold drink," and the message, "Hey! There's a partee' Forever! Come with us!"

This slide show is merely a "Shout-Out" to Brother Mike and all the other servants of the LORD who still believe in preaching Truth no matter how many people laugh at you, no matter how many times you appear to fail, and no matter how hard the field is to plow!

Our Job Description: Faithfulness, Success Optional!
God's Job Description: Eternal Success, God/LORD/Master of All, Everything Under Control for His Eternal Purposes!

This surely does help me see things more clearly! You? :)

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