Cassandra Coleman's 'Angelic' Voice Wins Over The American Idol Judges

Cassandra Coleman's 'Angelic' Voice Wins Over The American Idol Judges

Check out this incredible American Idol audition where Cassandra Coleman wins the judges over with her ‘angelic’ voice.

Cassandra is a 24-year-old coffee shop manager from the small town of Columbia, Tennessee. For her American Idol audition, she performs the song ‘The Way It Was’ by The Killers.

Her voice is absolutely beautiful, and you can see how impressed the judges are with her by looking at their smiling faces when she is performing.

“Was that okay?” she asks timidly after she is done singing.

“I loved it!” replied Luke Bryan. “I didn’t like it…I loved it!” shared Katy Perry.

Lionel Richie goes on to tell Cassandra how angelic he thinks her voice is. “Every once in a while, things just work out for the best. And that was about as angelic as it’s gonna get. I loved it. I thought it was great,” he said.

“It is so inspiring when it’s just straight-up God-given,” shares Luke Bryant. “Like, I felt free listening to you sing. I just got caught up in the show, in the magic.”

Cassandra’s voice is incredibly captivating, and it is clear from the judges remarks that she gave a wonderful audition, despite her nerves.

Katy Perry then asks Cassandra where she usually performs and is shocked when she tells her she doesn’t really do that.

“This is so out of my comfort zone,” Cassandra says. “I mean, I get nervous, I get the shakes, just performing for my family.”

“I want you to understand one line,” says Lionel Richie. “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. So, every time you get afraid, take a step forward.” That’s when he asks her to improvise for them and play them a song on the piano.

Cassandra is clearly nervous not knowing if she has anything memorized, but she comes through and puts on another amazing performance. She plays and sings ‘Too Late to Apologize’ by Timbaland and OneRepublic.

“I am so fired up over her! Luke Bryan says at the end of her audition. “You are a new voice that the world has never heard.”

What an incredibly talented and humble young woman. May she continue to succeed on this show and all her dreams of performing come true!

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