Strangers Rush To Help Carnival Riders When Ride Starts To Tip Over

Strangers Rush To Help Carnival Riders When Ride Starts To Tip Over

In this heart-stopping video, a group of heroic strangers rush to help carnival riders that are in danger when a ride starts to tip over.

The incredible moment was caught on camera at the annual National Cherry Festival in Traverse City, Michigan. The carnival ride that malfunctioned was The Magic Carpet Ride, and festival goers rushed to the attraction to try and hold it steady. What a scary moment!

The giant pendulum ride was holding about a dozen passengers when it started tipping back and forth. The base of the ride was almost lifting off the ground! That must have been such a terrifying feeling for the riders on the ride, as well as the people on the ground witnessing it happen!

“I’ve never seen anything shake like that,” said Trevor Drew, who was on the ride when it started to malfunction. “I’d been on that type of ride before. I could tell it was a lot more violent. It seemed a little more shaky.”

Joy Ogemaw was at the festival and near the ride when it started to act up. She even took a quick video of the scary scene. “Once it started moving like that, and it looked like it was about to tip over, I was like, ‘This is not happening.’ It was to the point where the base of it was leaning way back, and I was like, ‘That looks like it is about to fall back into the river right now.’ I could not believe what I was seeing,” Joy said.

Thankfully, strangers nearby were able to jump in and help when they saw that something was going terribly wrong with the ride. Their kindness and quick-thinking helped save a lot of lives that evening. Because of them, the people on the ride were able to get off safely and return home to their loved ones.

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