Jeanne Robertson Chats With 'Toothpick Man' At The Doctor's Office

Jeanne Robertson Chats With 'Toothpick Man' At The Doctor's Office

Hilarious comedian Jeanne Robertson is back with another funny story from her comedy special, Fabulously Funny. There’s no doubt that she’s at it again and Jeanne will have you laughing out loud in no time.

Today’s story begins with a follow-up appointment after Jeanne had surgery on her femur. After arriving at the clinic, Jeanne is seated next to a man that she describes as ‘us.’ He was similar to people in her area of North Carolina with a baseball cap, jeans and boots. And sticking out of his mouth was a toothpick.

From that moment on, Jeanne referred to him as ‘Toothpick Man’ because of his total control of the piece of wood. He could roll it all around in his mouth and it would never drop. While in the waiting room, other patients recognize Jeanne start to come up to her and say ‘Hello.’ That’s when Toothpick Man starts up a conversation with the infamously funny lady.

He wonders if she is famous, since everyone seems to know her. But, in typical Jeanne fashion, she has a witty answer for everything. And when they finally get on the subject of why she is at the doctor’s office, I almost fell out of my chair laughing. This is going to be one Jeanne story that everyone remembers. I don’t know where she comes up with this stuff but I hope there’s more where that came from! Who else was laughing out loud when she told him where the femur was located?

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