Grateful Little Girl Receives A Gift Of Instant Noodle Soup

Grateful Little Girl Receives A Gift Of Instant Noodle Soup

When this grateful little girl receives a gift of instant noodle soup, her reaction is priceless! She is clearly being taught important life lessons by her parents. The first lesson is being truly grateful for everything you receive! Christmastime can bring out the most unpleasant of attitudes. Parents are stressed about money and time, children can be demanding and selfish; sometimes the joy of the season is completely lost! While gifts are not a Christmas “requirement” they have become an expectation for the day.

Of course parents and grandparents love to shower the children in their life with special gifts! But what if we teach our children to be so grateful for the thought behind the gift instead of the object itself? Children come with an amazing ability to get excited over the littlest things, what if we fostered that excitement?

That’s what the Perez family is trying to do with their little one. For Christmas they wrapped up the most unusual of gifts – a package of instant noodle soup! It is so touching to see how this cutie pie reacts to her special gift. Mom, Raenn Perez, posted the video her daughter’s reaction on social media along with a caption that explained their reasoning behind the unusual gift.

“Making sure she stays grateful for everything she has. LOL. Love her happy heart”

Obviously, there were many other presents under the tree for this cutie, but we love how focused and intent she was on the one gift. With her big bow and huge smile, she unwrapped her present. But she wasn’t quite sure what it was and needed Mom to tell her. That’s when we heard the most adorable response to noodles!

“I can’t wait to eat it!”

In a follow up post, this little cutie was still so overjoyed for her package of instant noodles that she was ready to make soup! We think she will always be appreciative for care packages from Mom!