God Does NOT Hear Sinners

God Does NOT Hear Sinners

God does not hear sinners (John 9:31, Pro 28:9, Isaiah 1:15-17, 59,1 Pro 15:8)... You must Live Holy & endure 'til the end in obedience to be saved lest you end up in an eternal lake of fire! More here https://goo.gl/xE1a1G

Progressive Sanctification Rebuked https://goo.gl/bm66oa

Biblical Perfection is Commanded https://goo.gl/vepJ4P

"Romans 7" & "Chief of Sinners" Lie https://goo.gl/rC5Ha2

Works Salvation? https://goo.gl/mV1Q9D

If you are not obeying Jesus in EVERYTHING, Click here https://goo.gl/Qetm4H

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