Mailman Dancing Caught On Camera

Mailman Dancing Caught On Camera

One homeowner catches the mailman dancing and it’s a viral moment making everyone smile.

It was just another day for this mail worker when he arrived to deliver a package. In video footage, we can see when this mailman walks up to the house.

He goes to ring the doorbell and no one answers. But that's when he spotted a camera by the door and decided to leave the homeowner's a very special message.

Just watch as he starts to perform his own hilarious dance number and every bit is captured on video. He does a little jib and even turns around for a few spins. Finally, he walks over to the mailbox and places the mail inside.

And just when we think the show is all over, he comes back to the camera and gives it one last big wave. I love that this mailman has an amazing sense of humor.

I’m sure a job like this can get tedious and there may even be some rude encounters. But this man manages to keep a positive attitude and even spreads a little happiness through his work.

I bet the homeowner's had a big laugh when they saw this video pop up from the front door. It obviously made them smile because they decided to post the video online and it quickly went viral.

I know I would have been doubled over in laughter if I saw this on one of my cameras. I would have to re-watch it over and over again! Have you ever captured something like on a video camera?