Bouquet Toss Turns Into Surprise Proposal

Bouquet Toss Turns Into Surprise Proposal

It was a heartwarming moment captured on camera when this bouquet toss turns into the sweetest surprise proposal.

Who doesn't love a good wedding? And one of my favorite parts of every celebration is the bouquet toss at the reception. This tradition can range from comical to sentimental to downright cutthroat.

You never know what kind of toss you're in for until it actually happens. But this particular bouquet toss completely caught me off guard.

Just watch as all the women line up behind the bride as they wait for the throw. The bride starts to get ready and even does a few practice tosses. But just when she's about to actually throw the bouquet, she turns around and walks right up to one of the bridesmaids.

The bride proceeds to hand her the flowers. The bridesmaid is obviously taken aback and that's when her boyfriend stepped out from the crowd and takes her by the hands.

The music changes to a sweet, country song and he gets down on one knee. Then, he asks for this stunned bridesmaid’s hand in marriage.

Of course, she says ‘yes’ and the beaming onlookers cheer. The entire bouquet toss was an elaborate set-up for this surprise proposal and the bride was in on it the whole time.

What an amazing moment to witness and I am so glad that the bride wanted to add even more love to her big day. This is definitely a bouquet toss that no one will ever forget.

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