'Thy Kingdom Come' Rita Springer Featuring Francesca Battistelli

'Thy Kingdom Come' Rita Springer Featuring Francesca Battistelli

Check out this music video of Rita Springer’s song called ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ featuring Francesca Battistelli.

“I can feel the shifting in the heavens, I can feel a stirring in the wind
Even in the chaos there's a hunger once again, even in the silence there's a longing
A turning from our sin and bowing down, back to where Faith was the foundation
Holy ground, let your presence rush in like a flood, let your will be done, Thy kingdom come
Fall upon this place again, fall on every heart, as it is with you, Thy kingdom come”

What an incredible song! It starts off with images of the country flashing across the screen while Rita sings. There are scenes of wildfires, scenes of hospital workers during the pandemic, and scenes of our nation’s capital. And then Francesca Battistelli joins in with singing in the second half of the song.

On her YouTube page, Rita Springer shares about how this song started in her heart.

“In the fall of September 2019, I was asked by my pastor, Steve Berger, to write a song about the returning of our hearts back to the things of God,” Rita says. “The Governor of Tennessee had declared a day in October to be a day of fasting and prayer. We gathered that day in Nashville and Francesca Battistelli joined in to sing it with me.”

Rita continues, “I felt it was a perfect release now, during our elections. With all the country has been through, we need hope and encouragement to refocus our hearts back to God and ask that his presence meet us again!”

What a perfect message for people to be reminded of right now.

“Oh my goodness! I am undone!” comments one person on YouTube after watching the video. “This song is so anointed! I cannot stop listening, crying, interceding, worshipping, declaring!”

“The words were so moving it brought me to tears! I love this song!” writes another person online. “The passion in their faces and voices gave me goosebumps! May the Lord continue to us these beautifully amazing women!”

What a beautiful song, and we hope you enjoyed listening to it today!

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