Francesca Battistelli


Francesca Battistelli Performs 'The Breakup Song' Live At The K-Love Fan Awards - Popular Christian Videos

Contemporary Christian artist Francesca Battistelli performs a live rendition of ‘The Breakup Song’ at the 2019 K-Love Fan Awards. This worship anthem reminds us all that God is in control and when we put our trust in Him, fear can never win. ‘Fear, you don't own me There ain't no room in this story And I ain't got time for you Telling me what I'm not Like you know me well guess what? I know who I am I know I'm strong And I am free Got my own identity So fear, you will never be welcome here’ This unique performance truly lets the weight of the lyrics shine through. ‘The Breakup Song’ reached number six on the Christian Billboard charts. The powerful message resonates with hearts all over the world as we move through this fast-paced world. There may be times in our lives when fear starts to creep in and we may even doubt our relationship with God. These are the pivotal moments when we need to put all our trust in the Lord and He will guide us through these dark seasons. With the strength of the Lord behind us, there is truly nothing that can stand in the way. “Goodbye Goodbye fear You will never be welcome here “ As you sing along with these lyrics, remember that God is the source of our strength and our comfort when we may feel lost. Let fear know just who is behind you each step of the way as you shout these words and spread God’s message.