12-Ounce Premature Baby Defies Odds And Thrives

12-Ounce Premature Baby Defies Odds And Thrives

As Christians know, sometimes the birth of a baby is nothing short of a miracle. A 12-ounce premature baby defies odds and thrives.

Not only was the baby teeny tiny, but being born prematurely was also not a good sign. Naturally, everyone--parents, doctors, friends--would be worried about this child’s health.

This little girl, Diana, was born at 22 weeks of gestation and weighed a mere 12-ounces.

Her mother Jomary was put on bedrest earlier than most mothers. Doctors told her she was dilating, just midway through pregnancy.

“I was freaking out throughout the whole pregnancy. I thought it was so surreal and when I got to this point, I was like, ‘Oh my God. Okay, so here it is. This is where things maybe don’t go right.’”

When the time for delivery came upon her, instead of being overwhelmed with joy, there was a realization that health complications for the baby were likely.

Two weeks later from her time on bed rest, Jomary gave birth. Ironically and appropriately, this happened on Mother’s Day.

“I was very excited until I saw her and I saw how small she was. And the doctors were not giving us too much hope,” she admitted about her child’s birth.

Her husband, Federico Peguero, added, “I looked at her and I just shook my head like, ‘She’s really small. She is honestly the smallest human being I’ve ever seen.’”

In addition to the doubts of the doctors, the couple was not sure about their newborn’s future.

Dr. Thaiz Queliz and other neonatologists believed Diana had not actually developed for fewer than the 22 weeks they’d originally believed.

He remarked on her skin being “gelatinous” and even “translucent”.

Doctors used a breathing tube to help resuscitate the child. This procedure works quickly for most babies, but not for Diana.

Still, Federico told the doctors to, “Give Diana a chance.” And they worked to try and support the child.

Jomary regarded that Mother’s Day as “bittersweet.” She had a child but did not know if she would tomorrow.

The doctors and the couple decided to monitor Diana’s progress slowly, knowing that her life was less than guaranteed. They set milestones for the child, first a day, then three, then two weeks, trying to be ready for the moment that the baby may not survive.

Weeks have now turned into months.

Dr. Thaiz Queliz said that he and the staff had to amend their protocols and guidelines to meet Diana’s needs. Their efforts paid off.

Diana was eventually released in time for her dad’s birthday.

At home, they could breathe a sigh of relief and felt much gratitude. Jomary said the hardest part of the experience was not knowing if she would be able to leave the hospital with her child as she had seen other mothers do.

Now, she has that blessing. May God continue to bless Diana, helping her to grow in health. And may He guide Jomary and Federico as they navigate life with a different, but no less special baby girl named Diana.

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